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Jury Instructions

Presenting Electronically in Trial - Five Things to Think About

Last week I watched a trial.  Usually, I do this from the “hotseat,” running the electronic trial technology and presenting exhibits.  This time, I was there to be sure that the wireless network in the court room did not go down during trial.  [Lessons confirmed:  1 - Do not rely on more

Learn How To Be A Lawyer Under Fire

If you commit to a 40-hour work week in the beginning of your solo practice career, unless you have hip pocket business, you will see most of your weeks will be marketing and legal education and very little billing. In time the ratio will change from 80/20 to 20/80 only because you must always more

Get Your Jury Instructions Right

The trial is over, but don’t let down your guard yet: never underestimate the importance of the jury instructions. A prejudicial error in jury instructions can mean a new trial or a reversal of judgment. CCP §475. A model from the TV show The Price if Right learned this the hard way when she saw her more