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In Part I of my blog, I went through the issues you should consider when deciding how much insurance your firm needs. Part II will go over the features and benefits you should understand as you evaluate your existing insurance policy or shop for a new carrier. First and foremost, take advantage more

February 2016 Blog Digest

Law Firm Cyber Insecurity–Fix It! By Kiffin Hope From the White House to Congress and from Wall Street to the mom and pop storefront on Main Street, the issue of cybersecurity is one that is here and here to stay. Hacking computers is no longer a “cottage industry” or something done by more

Droning On: Privacy in the Crosshairs

We’ve all seen drones in the past couple of years at parks and other open spaces. They’re revolutionizing film and documentary making with amazing aerial views. Crews working wildfires and floods are using them to survey damage and search for survivors. They’re fun for hobbyists and now a more

Law Firm Cyber Insecurity–Fix It!

From the White House to Congress and from Wall Street to the mom and pop storefront on Main Street, the issue of cybersecurity is one that is here and here to stay. Hacking computers is no longer a “cottage industry” or something done by lone disgruntled individuals or teenagers in their parents’ more

The Ashley Madison Hack and its Lesson for Attorneys

I am going to assume that you, dear reader, had no personal information leaked as a result of the Ashley Madison hack. In addition, let’s set the curiosity response aside because, of course, who didn’t wonder that if they could look at the list would they recognize anyone? With worry and more

ALPS 2016 Top Mobile Apps for Lawyers

Must have apps to start the New Year off productively Hello from ALPS. It’s our pleasure to present you with our annual survey of apps that will help make lawyers more productive and efficient in the age of mobile and digital. Some apps from our previous posts are included, but they have more

Does Your Business Need a BYOD Policy? Yes!

Businesses of today are finding it necessary to implement well-thought out BYOD policies. In this age of mobile devices and nearly instantaneous information gratification and communications, the notion of work productivity has greatly expanded. Unless you choose to shut down your personal more

Even Solo & Small Law Firms are Vulnerable to Cyber Crime

Databases of many law firms house the financial information, intellectual property data and trade secrets of their clients, making rich targets for cyber criminals. In recognition of October being National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), this post seemed timely to share. Particularly more

Cyber Crime: Why Your Ignorance is Their Power

The title to this post explains the real problem when it comes to cyber security. Regardless of all the precautions you or your IT support have taken, from taking steps like securing your digital assets with the latest and greatest in firewalls and antivirus software to upgrading to the latest more

The ALPS Guide to Minding Your Law Firm Technology-Free Download

In this time of cyber breaches, hacks, and stolen data, is your law firm up to specs with its technology? ALPS Risk Manager, Mark Bassingthwaighte, Esq., has just penned The ALPS Guide to Minding Your Law Firm Technology, an informative and concise 15-page guide for solo firms up to large more

Why You Want To Have Cyber Liability Insurance

An attorney’s decision to use a computer tablet, a cloud based service such as Dropbox, a smart phone, a Wi-Fi network, or even basic email in the furtherance of delivering legal services is not in and of itself unethical nor a poor business decision. The real concern is with what the attorneys more

ALPS CFO Sara Smith travels to Vietnam as part of international program

(Missoula, MT March 10, 2015) – ALPS CFO, Sara Smith, recently embarked on a two week trip in Vietnam as part of an international business exchange program in conjunction with the Mansfield Center of the University of Montana. In fall 2014 ALPS hosted Ms. Tran Thanh Thao, the Director of more

ALPS Named 2015 Employer of Choice by the Job Service Employers Council

ALPS, the nation's largest direct writer of lawyers' malpractice insurance based in Missoula, Montana, was recently named by the Job Service Employers Council (JSEC) as the Employer of Choice for companies with between 25 and 74 employees. At ALPS the professional work setting comes with a more

How to not be yet another Victim of Ransomware

A few weeks back, attorneys from two different firms spoke with me about being hit with a particularly nasty ransomware attack. In each case the firm's files were encrypted by CryptoLocker and thus unavailable. Both firms experienced about four days of down time, meaning they had no access to more

Fall Cyber Security CLE Series from ALPS

Sign up for both October courses and receive a 15% discount! How Attorneys Get Hacked (And What You Can Do About It) Presented by Sherri Davidoff & Karen Palmer, LMG Security Wednesday, October 22, 2014 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. (Eastern) This 1.5-hour seminar has been approved for credit in the more

ALPS A National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014 Champion

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and this year, perhaps more than in the past, there has been a national recognition of the importance of cyber security from large financial institutions to small businesses on down to individuals. MISSOULA, MT, September 30, 2014 — ALPS, more

A Primer on Law Firm Cyber Liability Insurance

The digital age has brought many benefits, but also many dangers. Law firms of all sizes are not only vulnerable to cyber-attacks, but are very appealing targets for hackers. According to the American Bar Association, "The cost of a cyber attack can be substantial. The average annual cost of more

Five Ways to Avoid a Cyber Attack at Your Law Firm

All businesses today are becoming increasingly reliant on electronic communications, and law firms are no different. In recent years, law firms especially have become more and more aware that hackers are targeting their clients' information. In fact, the American Bar Association Cybersecurity more

The False Sense of Security with Tech Problem

We all know that our Internet security programs update on a regular basis and that Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and other software companies release patches with similar frequency. An interesting question is why, and perhaps more importantly, what does it all mean? Truth be told, computer security more

How Attorneys Get Hacked (And What You Can Do About It)

This post is contributed by Sherri Davidoff of LMG Security (bio below). “We hacked your web site and got client data,” Brett said. It was the phone call no attorney wants to receive. The good news for this firm was that we were penetration testers, hackers for hire, and our job was to more