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What You NEED to Know About Influence Today

Are you 100% responsible for motivating yourself... or do you look to others for guidance, counsel and encouragement? 

Many leadership experts talk frequently about how to motivate other people and when you think about it that way it becomes apparent that leaders are concerned with motivation. However, the purpose of this post is to get you get you thinking about how you are leading yourself!

Finding your own inspiration or motivation is definitely a way to make your best even better!

There are three activities that will help you influence yourself; mimicry, activity, and consistency. 

These three activities will take you forward. Keep reading because I’m going to tell you how they will take you forward and make your best better by influencing yourself.

  1. Mimicry is an extremely valuable tool. Find a person or people who do what you want to do and that do it well. Study and observe what they do that you are not doing that makes them great. Choose a few of their techniques and incorporate them in to what you do. When it's time to build your Dream Team, consider the people you're closest to who WANT you to experience even more success.
  2. Activity plays a key role in influencing yourself. Every day we have at least twenty to forty worthy ideas; some are great ideas. We recognize they are great ideas and would probably make ourselves or what we do better. The problem is that most of us don’t write it down and if we don’t write it down, we forget.  Find a tool that works for you and write down those ideas. 

    Finding a tool that works for you isn’t always easy so try out each task management tool until you find the one that you will actually use. Figure out the steps it will take to achieve that idea. Then take action one step at a time. We can even use mimicry here as an example. When you discover those techniques that you want to incorporate into your life, write them down. Assess how you will incorporate them into your daily activities, and then take the action to do it. Pick one task a week if that works. The key is to take the action to accomplish that step.
  3. Consistency is the last of the three ideas that will give you the ability to motivate, inspire and influence yourself. Don’t stop with that first step; continue to take action until you have accomplished what it is you set out to do. Update that task list and continue to write down your ideas as they come to you. In other words be consistent and make these three activities a habit.

When you look back upon the last six months or even a year since you decided to start influencing yourself, what you will find is it was the summation of those smaller tasks that created the big change or enabled you to find the inspiration to consistently take action and accomplish what you thought was a big job!


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