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Laura Churchman Bio

Before succumbing to the seven-year itch of ad agency life, Laura Churchman cut her teeth as a copywriter at Callahan Creek Marketing and Advertising in Lawrence, Kansas and Spiker Communications in Missoula, Montana. Starting in 2007, Laura worked as a part-time Technical Writer at the more

5 Easy Marketing Tips for Solo & Small Law Firms

As a solo or small firm practitioner, you have to be so much more than an attorney. In addition to being a bookkeeper, office manager, and human resources department you also have to be a business development representative and the entire marketing department. This blog post is to help you take more

Colorado Bar Association Announces Endorsement of ALPS as its Endorsed Direct Carrier for CBA Members

In July of 2015, based on the unique and differing malpractice insurance needs of lawyers and law firms, the Colorado Bar Association (CBA), after an extensive due diligence process, endorsed two malpractice insurance options for CBA members: ALPS as its Endorsed Direct Carrier and Hub more

What buzzwords say about us

Are there certain words that – like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard – cause you physical pain when you hear them? Or is that metaphor, in and of itself, completely overused and annoying? Plus, who uses a chalkboard anymore? I already sound a bit like the late Andy Rooney and this blog more