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A lot gets written about Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance (LPLI) but most of it discusses claims or risk management issues. It seems to me that those of us in the "Corner Office" neglect the business aspects of LPLI. We all talk about hard markets, reinsurance capacity, "judicial hell holes" more

The Practicing Lawyer's Role in Providing Access to Justice

This is the last of my “oldies but goodies” recycled blogs this year, I promise.  I plan to start the New Year with some interesting perspectives on lawyering in the next twenty years. For now, however, I want to reflect on a gentler time, the here and now, and what lawyers can do to put more

The Dreaded 'D' Words: Depression, Drugs, Drinking, Divorce, Disbarment

As I sat this morning contemplating all the things that I need to get done before the New Year, I thought about how so many people feel this time of year. So much to do and not enough time. I started digging through some of my older editions of “The View from the Corner Office” looking for a post more

Top 10 Ways to Care for the Attorney Soul

We all have a lot of stress in our lives and lives and the Holiday Season seems to bring it on in spades. If we don’t take care of ourselves it impacts everybody around us. A few years ago I wrote a blog post reflecting on ways to take some of the pressure off and improve the quality of life. As more

The Future of Legal Education: The ABA Steps to the Plate

A few weeks ago I published a blog on the future of Legal Education and offered a few perspectives on what it should look like. In that article I posited that the ABA Accreditation issue loomed huge in freeing up law schools to do what it takes to be relevant in this century. Last Friday the more

Legal Education - A Futuristic Perspective

Over the past several months, ALPS Chairman’s Blog and ALPS 411 have explored issues surrounding legal education, the demand for lawyers and legal services, the cost of a legal education, and, at its core, the value in today’s world of the classic legal education. ALPS CEO, David Bell, and a more

So Many Great Minds in One Room - ALPS 12th Semi-Annual Bar Leaders Retreat

Every other year ALPS brings the leaders of our endorsed and affiliated Bar Associations along with a few notable speakers and guests together in Missoula for three days of education, brainstorming and fun. Someone once asked me if it wasn’t dangerous getting all our affiliate Bars together more

Changing Perspectives: What Lawyers expect from Life and the Practice

Ron Fox, a recognized expert in career planning contributes regularly to our ALPS 411 blog and recently posted a great piece titled “Tasks to Accomplish for a Satisfying Law Career”. It started an interesting discussion that led me to think about lawyers’ expectations and how they may have more

Independence Day or July 4th – What’s the Difference?

Independence Day is a momentous event in the history of our country and the JULY 4TH is simply a date on the calendar that we have designated to celebrate the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence from the tyranny of an English King. Somehow the significance of the difference seems to more

Malpractice Claims on the Rise

ALPS continually tracks our underwriting and claims performance against the broader market and looks for good information to help us keep the big picture in focus. Last week the Wall Street Journal reported in an article entitled “Lawyers Behaving Badly? Malpractice Claims Up in 2012” (6/17/2012), more

Knowing When to Hold-um and When to Fold-um - A Dilemma for Boomer Lawyers

As most of you know by now, I stepped aside as ALPS CEO in favor of a young superstar, David Bell, and assumed the role of Executive Board Chair of ALPS. I wasn’t ready to hang it up just yet, but with David in the wings as ALPS Chief Operating Officer, the time for the change just seemed right more

To Retire or Not to Retire, that is the question

When I first started practice I never doubted that by the time I reached age sixty-five, I’d be retired and playing golf, traveling and generally enjoying life far, far away from the practice of law and my daily routines. Fast forward forty years and I am sixty-six and still in the office with more

The Unbundling of Legal Services; Will Lawyers do it or Leave it to Consumers?

I just returned from the 2013 Western States Bar Conference where I participated in some of the very best CLE I’ve attended in a long time. The speakers engaged the audience’s minds, and the topics tied nicely to the theme of practicing law today and tomorrow (my description, not the program title) more

Redefining worth, value and productivity

You all know that I am a social media junky and I mine many sources for inspiration, information and guidance as to how best to do my job as the CEO of ALPS. Today I struck the mother lode on a website I stumbled on through LinkedIn. The essence of my discovery comes from the following quote on more

“The Holidays” – A time for giving, sharing and rejoicing

Every year about Holiday time (being a Christian it is Christmas for me), I become very contemplative about a lot of things: the meaning of the season, commercialization, poverty, homelessness, the aging population, apathy, world unrest, and greed. Somehow that doesn’t tee up a very uplifting more

A Guest Blog – A Blast from the Past but Still Relevant

I read a lot and some of the stuff can be pretty arcane and some of it is timeless. The other day while cleaning out some papers from my desk drawer, I came across a number of documents written by others and submitted to me for comment (yes, I did respond to them when they were originally written) more

A Cautionary Tale Part II: Cyber Liability – The Unintended Risk

I promised a second installment to the “Cautionary Tale” and here it is. Cyber security breaches have seemingly come out of nowhere in the past several years with no usual and customary insurance product claiming ownership of the risk. General Liability policies, unless endorsed, do not more

Technology: A Cautionary Tale in Two Parts

I have been absent from my Blog for a while; it has been one of those periods in my life when I really needed to work and develop ALPS as an Insurer and major support system for practicing lawyers. Trust me, though, I wrote down all the topics that came to mind and I’ll be writing them up as more

Retirement and the Solo Practice – A Gold Mine for a Young Lawyer

Last week I turned sixty-five and realized that I am not far off being eligible for Social Security and Medicare. The problem is I don't feel old enough to be eligible for either, and I have no desire to retire. Sixty-five used to be the milestone that people kept in mind as the date when they more

CLE – Staying Sharp and Staying Home (if you want)

It's hard to believe that ALPS has been around for twenty-four (24) years as of this past March 1st. Over that time we have amassed a lot of experience, mostly good and some not so good, but on the whole it allowed us to become the best prepared Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurer in the more

The Practice of Law is Dead – A Postscript

I received more public comments on The Practice of Law is Dead blog post than any other I've written and they covered the waterfront as to cause and cure. Clearly, lawyers have concerns about the future and much of that concern revolves around lawyer population control. Apparently, Time Magazine more