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7 Ways To Reduce Stress For Professionals

7 Ways to Reduce Stress for ProfessionalsMy whole business is going through a MASSIVE reengineering and re-branding. Understandably, I'm in this constant state of getting things done but in a calm collected manner. My work space has different colored post-it notes, pen markers, and visuals to create the big picture and then to chunk it all down for my own re-launch.

This is fun stuff for me. I've been using these tools with clients, including lawyers, for a while. Typically, there is that initial cynicism. But once we go through the process, they are stunned at their own light bulb moments, not to mention practical actionable items. So here's the disclaimer, especially for those looking for the latest greatest secret... there is nothing new out in the market place. As my business coach says, most of business is about common sense. So if that's the case, why on earth do WE (I mean ALL of us, Lawyers and Non-Lawyers alike) get in our own way by over-thinking and over-analyzing?

Here are my 7 tips to reduce stress:

1. Prioritize. Focus on what's most important and make sure high priority work gets done first. Also, make sure your priorities are consistent with your practice/marketing plan etc. In order to this, you must review your big picture and chunked down plan every week and to stay on task.

2. Schedule your day around those priorities. Write down your to-do list and don't get distracted. If that means not answering your phone or checking emails just once or twice each day, so be it. Limit access to social media to twice a day.

3. The Power of having a NOT to Do List. Create one see if it's bigger than your 'to do list'. I suspect a lot of you who actually do this exercise will have a Not to do list with tasks that should be outsourced or delegated.

4. Delegate. Is there a task that could be done more quickly or efficiently by someone else?

5. Get the tools you need to be more efficient. Are there tools or software programs available that can make you more efficient and thereby reduce your workload and stress? Ask for help. We are not expected to be experts in everything. If you're not technology savvy, ask your technology people about solutions. Make sure you say thank you to all your team for all the support and work. Those words go a long way. Lawyers, in particular, need to practice saying this more often.

6. Brainstorm with team members. If you're overworked, chances are your co-workers are feeling in over their heads, too. Take some time to share ideas about how to cope, share work load or be more efficient. But, stay positive! Team brainstorming works; it builds cohesiveness and unity.

7. Detox/Deplug. Yes, that is precisely what I mean. Aside from sleeping, you must detox and deplug from work altogether. The best ideas come when you give your brain a break. Believe me, this is something I'm working on. Do something else. Walk barefoot in the park. Cook a meal rather than ordering in or eating processed food. Give yourself permission to deplug from work.

Finally, all this is just theory until it’s implemented.


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