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ALPS 411-May 2016 Blog Digest

  Free Ezine: The New Associate’s Guide to Business Development By Kiffin Hope Big firm or small, there’s a single question the partners in any law firm ask about a young associate: “Is she a keeper?” And, while legal skills count, it’s clear they’re thinking: “Can she bring in clients?” Help more

ALPS 411 Blog Digest - February 2015 Edition

Why the Use of an Engagement Letter Should Never be Optional By Mark Bassingthwaighte Engagement letters seem to be one of those documents that most attorneys intellectually appreciate the value of but often underutilize. This letter simply isn’t in consistent use day to day and the excuses run more

The Power of Two Little Words - I'm Sorry

I was flying recently and off to enjoy a little R & R. The day was unrushed and rather enjoyable. When we boarded the plane, I heard one of the flight attendants say, "I don't know when the pilot is going to arrive. We have no pilot." Interesting. I automatically used my cell phone to call those more

Do You Really Want Arbitration to be Mandatory?

Recently, I posted a quick primer on two types of alternative dispute resolution at my Construction Law Musings blog. The two forms of ADR that I discussed were mediation (something that I truly believe in) and arbitration (the subject of this article). Based on the way I phrased things above, more

10 Steps to Successful Mediation

In California, fewer than 5% of civil cases filed actually go to trial. Some actions are dismissed or terminated on motion, but most cases settle. Given this reality, you need to be ready for a successful mediation. Here are 10 steps to preparing your case for successful resolution more

The Construction Lawyer as Mediator

Recently there has been much discussion about whether a construction attorney’s involvement  is actually a detriment to a construction project and its potentially litigious aftermath. I have spent a couple of posts at Construction Law Musings to discuss the benefits of hiring a construction more

Do You Know What Your Clients Really Want?

The older I get the more interest I have in exploring what motivates people. I want to know why someone gathered all the possessions they did verses simply being shown their vast collection of stuff.  I share this because I believe that failing to consider the thought processes and motivations more

Mediation and Solo Construction Practice

Wow! My second post here at ALPS 411. I was thrilled to be invited back and decided to follow up my last post on solo construction practice in the cloud with a more specific post that is near and dear to my heart as a construction attorney here in Virginia. Namely mediation and how it can more

5 Tips for Successful Mediation

Guest blog post by Julie Brook, Esq., Legal Editor with the CEB blog Mediation has been increasingly used to resolve many types of legal disputes. And it’s no wonder why — mediation gives the parties an opportunity to settle the dispute without incurring substantial litigation expenses. Here more