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Temper Your Micro-Messaging For Best Effect

Twitter logosHave you ever noticed that some of the people or organizations you follow on Twitter or Facebook send out their messages and announcements in “clumps,” say five or ten at a time? It can get to be a bit overwhelming for followers, and earlier in our social media endeavors at ALPS we were guilty of the same thing.

Data from HubSpot’s social media expert Dan Zarrella indicates that it is best to temper your micro-messaging through stacking or buffering. Enter Buffer. Yes, there are other applications for this such as HootSuite, but Buffer is the application that I have trialed over the last few months and it seems to do a good job.

Buffer is a super simple app that allows you to add all the great articles you find to your Buffer account. They are then posted for you at optimal times, well-spaced out during the day, even weekends. There is no hassle of scheduling individual tweets and you never inundate your followers with messages

According to the company, people that start to Buffer their Tweets increased clicks on links they posted by 200% within 2 weeks of using, and the amount of retweets doubled on average. Additionally, Buffer users increase their follower count by 104 followers within 3 weeks on average.

Whether this is the case for every Buffer user is another matter. However, the app works well enough for us here at ALPS and is very user friendly.

The app works with an algorithm based on Buffer’s research for Twitter peak times. It then picks four default times spaced out in during peak hours between 8am and 8pm. Of course, you can go to your settings and change timings if you want.

Buffer’s browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) make it easy to Buffer articles from any website you’re reading.

Buffer has already integrated with a few RSS Reader and Twitter Apps that want to make a Buffer button available for their users. Initial findings suggest that users enjoy using the app longer, because they can just continue reading and hitting the Buffer button, without ever flooding their stream.

There is a free version of Buffer that will allow you to set up your micro-messaging posts to one Twitter account and one Facebook account (a relatively new feature) and test the app for yourself.

If you’re big into Tweeting or posting to Facebook, give Buffer a try. Again, this is one of many such dashboards that allows you to stack your messages, but certainly worth a look.

Learn more about Buffer at

Dan Zarrella’s optimal timing data research mentioned above can be found here:

Happy micro-messaging!


Kiffin Hope+ is the Social Media Community Manager for ALPS. He runs the ALPS 411 law blog, working with contributors from around the country. His posts cover tech, cyber security threats, and smartphones.

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