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Small or Solo Firm? You Still Need Cyber Liability Coverage.

A recent online article by Minda Zetlin on (6 Reasons You Should Have Cyber Liability Insurance) brings home the argument that cyber liability insurance just isn’t for big businesses; that it totally makes sense for small business owners to get. If you get hacked, if customer or employee data is compromised, being covered may save your bacon and keep your doors opened for business as your general liability policy probably excludes losses because of the Internet, laptops, and mobile devices.

Zetlin writes:

“Big corporations have entire departments devoted to analyzing the risks the company could face and helping set policies and procedures to protect against them. You don't--but a good insurance carrier can perform a similar function.”

Read the entire post here.


If your firm does not have cyber coverage, it is available to ALPS malpractice policyholders on an opt-out basis. Learn more about how ALPS Cyber Response coverage can help assist your firm in the event of a data breach. This policy was designed by cyber risk experts and is tailored specifically to attorneys, providing real time solutions if your computer network is compromised. Get covered today!

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