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February 2016 Blog Digest

Law Firm Cyber Insecurity–Fix It!

From the White House to Congress and from Wall Street to the mom and pop storefront on Main Street, the issue of cybersecurity is one that is here and here to stay. Hacking computers is no longer a “cottage industry” or something done by lone disgruntled individuals or teenagers in their parents’ basement. This is now a criminal endeavor that is highly organized and getting more sophisticated each week. An article (Cyber Situations) in the magazine Best’s Review (April 2013) points out, the new...

Droning On: Privacy in the Crosshairs

We’ve all seen drones in the past couple of years at parks and other open spaces. They’re revolutionizing film and documentary making with amazing aerial views. Crews working wildfires and floods are using them to survey damage and search for survivors. They’re fun for hobbyists and now a vital asset to rescuers. And if Amazon jumps through enough hoops, your future deliveries from them will be via drone.

But what if you’re in your home and you hear the high-pitched whine of a drone hovering over...

One Reason Why You Never Want to Get Lazy With Your Time Keeping

This post is directed toward those of you who fail to accurately record your time on a consistent basis throughout the day, day after day. I know it can be a hassle but there are really good reasons why this should be a priority. Now I could start lecturing and talk about the studies that confirm lawyers tend to under bill by 10–15 percent if they wait until the end of each day to record their time. In fact, for those who procrastinate even more, the under billing numbers get worse. The reason...

ALPS 2016 Top Mobile Apps for Lawyers

Must have apps to start the New Year off productively

Hello from ALPS. It’s our pleasure to present you with our annual survey of apps that will help make lawyers more productive and efficient in the age of mobile and digital.

Some apps from our previous posts are included, but they have undoubtedly been updated for both functionality and security on the go. This is not an exhaustive list nor we any way ranking or endorsing them. These are simply the mobile apps that we have found reviewed...

Does Your Business Need a BYOD Policy? Yes!
Businesses of today are finding it necessary to implement well-thought out BYOD policies.

In this age of mobile devices and nearly instantaneous information gratification and communications, the notion of work productivity has greatly expanded. Unless you choose to shut down your personal mobile device when you take off from your workplace, you’re invariably going to continue to get a stream of emails, texts, or calls during “downtime.”

If your mobile device has access to client files, credit...

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