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Buying Cyber Insurance - Some Basics

Judy Selby and Brain Esser at Baker Hostetler have penned a great post for Law Technology News about the basics of purchasing Cyberinsurance. More and more products like this are showing up on the insurance landscape and require some time for research and evaluation of what’s appropriate for your law firm or business. Depending on what you require, the applications can vary in depth and length.

Selby and Esser write:

"While cyberinsurance is not a replacement for diligent in-house data security policies and procedures, prudent businesses should seriously consider it as part of their risk management program. In fact, even the process of applying for cyberinsurance can serve as a useful road map for a business to improve its data security processes."

Read the entire post here.


Also note that if your firm does not have cyber coverage, it is available to ALPS malpractice policyholders on an opt-out basis. Learn more about how ALPS Cyber Response coverage can help assist your firm in the event of a data breach. This policy was designed by cyber risk experts and is tailored specifically to attorneys, providing real time solutions if your computer network is compromised. Get covered today!

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