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I am proud to invite you to our latest for you – the ALPS 411 blog. This multi-authored site features expert staff and guest writers discussing the nitty-gritty of the daily practice of law, and sharing cautionary tales and real-world anecdotes to keep readers aware of and connected to current trends in the legal world. The overall focus is on helping you be safe and successful in the business of law.

Topics cover everything from risk management, professionalism, ethics, international law, and the use of technology, to useful information on malpractice avoidance, claims, underwriting, finances, marketing, social media, legal IT, e-discovery, career development, and more.

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Your comments are welcomed and encouraged. Readers can react to blog posts at the bottom of each entry. All entries also have social sharing buttons, so when you like what you read, you can easily forward the entry via email or post to your own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ page. For those that still prefer hard copies, each post features a printer-friendly button for your convenience.

If you’re interested in writing for ALPS 411, check out our submission guidelines here.

ALPS 411 blog entries offer unique perspectives and everyday practical tips about managing all aspects of your practice, including your own time and sanity.

Check out ALPS 411 today.

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