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ALPS 411-May 2016 Blog Digest

Free Ezine: The New Associate’s Guide to Business Development

Big firm or small, there’s a single question the partners in any law firm ask about a young associate: “Is she a keeper?” And, while legal skills count, it’s clear they’re thinking: “Can she bring in clients?”

Help has arrived — in the form of a new 30-page downloadable ezine from Attorney at Work....

How Long Do We Need to Keep Our Closed Files?

As a risk manager, this question is the one question I’m asked more than any other and I get it. Although my wife is a physician, she had to deal with the same issue. We were paying to store her closed files for years after she left private practice and we both breathed a sigh of relief when that...

A Lawyer at a Career Crossroads

Let’s begin this post with a quote on the notion of work from author Matthew Fox.

“The problem is that our civilization has settled for such a narrow and restrictive definition of work that we are trying to pour human energy into a skinny little funnel that in turn pours into a puny little machine...

How To Best Fill Out An LPL Policy Application

Filling out applications for Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance is about as appetizing as eating that fruit cake your great Aunt Reitha sent you for Christmas. While well meaning, and a “good” source of fruit, for me at least, it’s never what I was hoping for.

Regardless of fruit cakes,...

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