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ALPS 411 Blog Digest - January 2015 Edition

6 Steps to Propel You Forward in 2015

Unless you are prescient, not every single thing you did when you opened your solo/small firm practice was 100% spot on. You may have had great mentors and more experienced attorneys guiding you to flatten out your learning curve. You may have had a strong network to help get your first clients in the door. However, whatever worked for you then may not necessarily continue to work moving forward.

How Much Is This Case Worth?

In consulting with clients about how to handle their ediscovery, I have learned that one of the first Early Case Assessment (ECA) questions needs to be “How much is the case worth?” It does not take long for the eDiscovery costs to mount to startling amounts. And, unfortunately for both the vendor and the client, it is often not possible to estimate accurately what those costs might be without doing at least some of the processing.

I Believe First Impressions Matter. Do You?

Like you, I’ve been a consumer for years and the older I get the more I’ve come to recognize the impact of first impressions. They really do matter. I can only speak for me, but these days if I am forced to interact with a pushy sales person when first entering a store, I often leave and rarely return. If I’m shopping online and a website fails to load properly because it’s outdated or it’s simply hard to navigate, I’m gone.

Don’t Kiss Off the Importance of Closure Letters

I continue to find that the use of a letter of closure varies greatly firm to firm as well as between attorneys within the same firm. The excuses that I often hear include “we do a lot of flat fee in and out kinds of things here and the effort simply isn’t worth it,” “I’m not about to say good-bye get out of here, particularly to my repeat clients,” or “these matters never really close.” Honestly, I don’t buy into any of this.

What Do Non Verbal Messages and Competency Have To Do With Each Other? Plenty.

During my travels over the years, I have been surprised at the number of times I have observed or become aware of a problematic interaction with a client and the attorney or staff person involved was completely oblivious. Let me share a few stories. During a meeting with an attorney that lasted perhaps an hour and a half, the attorney had received literally dozens of calls, many of them repeats. Clients were calling in five or more times an hour hoping to get through.

When Does Legal Outsourcing Become Fee Splitting?

Legal outsourcing has been around in one form or another for a long time; however, its growing popularity in recent years has drawn more people’s attention to it, giving rise to a host of new questions. What are a law firm’s duties when selecting and supervising outside assistance? How should client confidences be protected?


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