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A Lawyer's Guide to Social Media Marketing-Free Download

If the clients you'd dearly love to have are on the Internet (and trust us, they are) you might be missing out on a world of marketing opportunity: It's called social media.
As luck would have it, ALPS' partner, Attorney at Work, has just released its newest e-zine, Connected: A Lawyer's Guide to Social Media Marketing. It has 50-plus pages of expert tips, tricks and links. You're going to want to download your free copy fast, because a lawyer can speak, write, network and shake hands all day long, but if you can’t make your way comfortably around the social media map, you just might get left behind. 
Here are just some of the great features you’ll find inside:

Law Firm Leaders on Twitter by John M. Byrne

How to Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Website by Mike Ramsey

A Look into 2015 Ethics for Social Media by Jabez LeBret

How to Use LinkedIn Publisher by Jay Harrington

Anatomy of a Tweet: How to Get the Most Out of Your 140 Characters by Derek Bolen

Storytelling: Bring Your Message Alive by Drew Keller

Highlights from Attorney at Work’s First Social Media Marketing Survey

PLUS: Best tips and cautions from more marketing and social media experts like David Ackert, Paul Bonner, Tim Corcoran, Jordan Furlong, Ron Friedmann, Sayre Happich, Steve Matthews, Dan Pinnington, Sally Schmidt and Keith Wewe.
Download your copy today!

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