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Should You Try Mediation Most of the Time? Yes.

Disputes happen. Frankly, if disputes didn't happen, most lawyers (solo or otherwise) would be out of business. Whether you're in an active battle because a client didn't get paid or was (heaven forbid) injured, or are looking at a contract and determining the likely impact of certain clauses more

Letting Go Is Hard to Do

One of the hardest things for a solo construction attorney like me (or any other lawyer) is how to "let go" and leave the office at the office (or the [wherever you may work]). As conscientious professionals we spend our days obsessing about other peoples problems, advising clients as to the more

To Hire or Not to Hire (that is often the question)

I am a solo construction attorney. I help clients with a wide range of legal issues from general risk management to some fairly substantial litigation. I am also the only staff of my law firm.  Over the course of the 4 and a half years of my solo practice, I, like many solo practitioners (and more

Getting Discovered Online as a New Solo (Thoughts from an SEO Luddite)

I have been a solo construction lawyer now for a few weeks past 4 years now and have, hopefully, learned a few things through trial and error (hopefully more of the first than the second). Since beginning my solo practice on July 1, 2010, I've "mused" at my construction blog and become a more

Do You Really Want Arbitration to be Mandatory?

Recently, I posted a quick primer on two types of alternative dispute resolution at my Construction Law Musings blog. The two forms of ADR that I discussed were mediation (something that I truly believe in) and arbitration (the subject of this article). Based on the way I phrased things above, more

The Construction Lawyer as Mediator

Recently there has been much discussion about whether a construction attorney’s involvement  is actually a detriment to a construction project and its potentially litigious aftermath. I have spent a couple of posts at Construction Law Musings to discuss the benefits of hiring a construction more

Flying Solo: How it Helps My Construction Clients

Almost 3 years ago, on July 1, 2010, I opened my solo practice. At the time, I really had no insight into how big this change would be from a positive, customer service perspective. When I made the decision to go solo with my construction law practice, I knew I wanted to have flexibility to serve more

Be Safe on the Jobsite in 2013

Once again, I am asked to "Muse" here at ALPS411 with some thoughts on construction law from my perspective. This time, I'm discussing jobsite safety, or more specifically, the need for a construction company to document its safety training and supervision efforts. As 2013 dawns, it is always a more

Reminder: Don't Let Holiday Cheer Blow Your Deadlines

As we enter the month of December, thoughts of the holidays start to enter our heads. Holiday music, shopping, smiles and a warm fire tend to take one's thoughts away from business and toward family. What could go wrong during this chilly, somewhat hectic, but joyful time of year? I hate to be more

Why I "Muse" Every Week

Recently, I've gotten numerous questions/comments from friends, clients and potential clients regarding how and why I continue to blog at Construction Law Musings. My first answer is always that its fun. I know, it seems like a bit more work on top of a busy solo construction law practice. However, more

Mediation and Solo Construction Practice

Wow! My second post here at ALPS 411. I was thrilled to be invited back and decided to follow up my last post on solo construction practice in the cloud with a more specific post that is near and dear to my heart as a construction attorney here in Virginia. Namely mediation and how it can more

Thoughts on Solo Construction Law in the Cloud

First of all, thanks to the great folks at ALPS for the kind invitation to post here at the ALPS411 blog. I've been a reader for a while, particularly since I set up a solo law practice almost 2 years ago. Since that time, I've had my feet firmly planted with one foot on the ground and another more