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Branding 101: 3 Tips for Solo Attorneys

Your brand is so much more than a logo or slogan. If done well, your brand can give your firm a voice, raise your profile in the legal community, help define the way your clients perceive you, and ultimately generate new business. Here are a three tips on how to create a brand that will work hard for you.

1) Use Social Media

Every year the number of lawyers maintaining an active presence on social media increases. Social media is becoming a necessity for sharing information, networking with professionals, and building trust with potential clients. If used effectively, social media can help clients and other legal professionals get a sense of who you are, how you work and what makes you more attractive than the competition. While it’s ideal to have a clear, unified presence across several social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, Google+), remember that it’s a process. It’s better to be excellent with two platforms than be mediocre at five or six.

2) Be Innovative

Because you’re a solo attorney, this is the perfect opportunity for your innovative spirit to shine! Bryan Wilson, a solo criminal defense attorney from Fort Worth, Texas, took an over-the-top, but nonetheless successful approach to creating his own unique brand. The self-titled “Texas Law Hawk” watched his videos go viral in the matter of a few days. This type of extreme branding will not be comfortable for or compatible with every lawyer and practice, but the point is he thought outside of the box and it paid off with increased business. Don’t be afraid to be bold: use emotion and channel the power of story in your branding process.

3) Help Me Help You

When the nature of your business is based almost entirely on human interaction, it’s important that you put an adequate amount of time into forming long lasting professional relationships, which can be done most effectively through networking. YOU ARE your brand, and whether it be attending local or state bar conventions, local community events, or using ALPS’ very own Attorney Match, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Participating in these kinds of networking events, where you have the opportunity to present your brand, allows you to create brand ambassadors who may not only patronize you in the future, but will also expand your network exponentially by spreading your brand into their own network. Word of mouth is thought by many to be the most powerful form of marketing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for it to work for you.

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Andrew Sweet is the Graphic Design & Advertising Specialist for ALPS Casualty & Property Insurance Company. Before joining ALPS in 2015, Andrew worked as a freelance marketer for several companies in the Missoula area. He graduated with a BA in Marketing from the University of Montana in 2014. When he's not playing with pixels, you'll likely find him roaming the hills with his chocolate lab or playing a round of golf at one of the local courses.

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